Dynasty Football: 24/7/365

If you love playing fantasy football, you should be playing dynasty.

If the NFL season coming to end depresses you, you should be playing dynasty.

If you watch the NFL Combine, you should be playing dynasty.

If you read every NFL mock draft that you can get your hands on, you should be playing dynasty.

If you watch the NFL Draft, you should be playing dynasty.

If you enjoy beating your friends, and anyone else who just happens to get in your way, at fantasy football, you should be playing dynasty.

Bottom line, if you can’t get enough of everything NFL, you should be playing dynasty football. Because when it comes right down to it, a good dynasty owner never takes a day off. That’s right, 24/7/365, that’s the kind of commitment it takes to be a consistant winner at fantasy. And you better be passionate, otherwise, we’ll eat you alive.

If you take that as a challenge, well it is.

When it comes to dynasty, I don’t just lament the losses, I lament missed waiver wire pickups.

I lament bad trades.

I lament good trades that could have been better.

I lament draft picks that I trade away, which is why I rarely deal picks.

I lament that a 40-man roster size is too small as there are more ‘sleepers’ that I’d love to roster.

I lament the phone call I took from wife that cost me a waiver wire pickup.

And of course, I lament the multiple times every year when a last minute stroke-of-genius comes upon me and I bench a 40-point performance for a sleeper-of-the-week.

Playing dynasty football means that being a winner isn’t just limited to game days. When you read that article by a local beat writer about an obscure undrafted free agent, you’re a winner.

When you pickup Seattle RB Mike Davis a week before anyone else knows who he is, you’re a winner.

When you draft New Orleans RB Alvin Kamara in the 2nd round of your rookie draft, you’re a winner.

When you pick up any of a myriad of players off the waiver wire the summer before they hit it big, you’re a winner.

When you have the guts to make a trade that goes against conventional wisdom, you’re a winner.

When you run your team the way you want to run your team, regardless of the endless taunting of your leaguemates, you’re a winner.

Playing dynasty means never having to say you’re sorry. You can trade/cut players because you don’t like their off-field antics. You can trade/cut players because they cost you a game. No longer do you have to say, ‘If I were the GM of the (insert favorite NFL team here) I would have done this…’ You are the GM of your team. Do with that team as you see fit.

I one of my expert dynasty leagues, I had made the playoffs in five consecutive years, winning three championships. But when I got bounced in the first round of the 2016 playoffs, I knew it was time to overhaul the team. So I traded Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Mike Evans and Amari Cooper. One writer even wrote an article stating what a great deal he had made when he acquired Cooper. Well, as things turned out, I made the playoffs again this year for the 6th consecutive season. Meanwhile, my inspired opponent is on the outside looking in. That’s just one example of doing things my way.

Have there been trades that I regret? There have been many. But that’s why I’m involved in 75% of the trades that happen in my league. Like a cornerback and a relief pitcher, you have to have a short memory and you can’t be afraid of getting beaten. And while I do a lot of lamenting (see above), it’s the lamenting that drives me to get better.

As it just so happens, I will be eliminated from the playoffs today. But that’s just fine, because now it’s time to start prepping for our rookie draft in May. As is par for the course, I’m loaded with draft picks. Some guys prefer to trade away their picks for established players. I would never do that. The NFL Draft is like Christmas in April. Players will move up and down based on where they’re selected and who you’re going to be able to get with your picks comes a little more into focus. No picks means no gifts.

If you think the hard work is over after your rookie draft, you’re setting yourself up for failure. The hard work is just beginning. And by hard work I mean fun. Plenty of fantasy useful players will go undrafted in your league’s rookie draft. Guys like Antonio Brown. That’s right, Antonio Brown. Brown went unowned in a deep experts league I’m in until the summer of his second season. While Brown may be an extreme example, there are plenty of fantasy-useful players waiting to be unearthed.

So, if you find yourself pining for the NFL between the Super Bowl and the start of training camp, do yourself a favor and join a dynasty league. At least then you’ll have a reason for thinking about football 24/7/365.